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19Sep 19
How Secured Lending is supporting the battle against Climate Change

How Secured Lending is supporting the battle against Climate Change

By Craig Reeves, Founder, Prestige Funds

As the Amazon rain forest blazed across headlines this summer, minds within the investment management industry became more focused than ever on how private capital can do something about the looming climate disaster.

The funds industry continues to debate how conventional mutual funds can fulfil ESG (Environmental Social Governance) criteria, potentially by further scrutinising the activities of companies in fund managers’ portfolios. But there are already questions being raised about just how effective this is.

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10May 19

Coffee With Attilio Veneziano

Welcome to a new series from Hawksmoor Partners where we sit down for a coffee with clients, friends and partners of the firm for a discussion on key issues close to the global fund management industry. This month we sampled a beverage with Attilio Veneziano, founder of Veneziano & Partners.

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30Jan 19
Davos takeaway: China and climate change focused fund managers’ minds this year

Davos takeaway: China and climate change focused fund managers’ minds this year

So the World Economic Forum in Davos is over for another year, and politicians and business leaders alike have returned to the humdrum of their day to day lives running companies and governments. But what were the key takeaways for the international asset management industry from one of the most important international conferences on the calendar?

Several major names in the hedge funds industry were in evidence and were given prime time speaking slots.

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10May 18
Prestige lists Luxembourg direct lending fund on Euronext Dublin

Prestige lists Luxembourg direct lending fund on Euronext Dublin

Leading private debt manager launches eight share classes on Euronext Dublin in response to increased global demand for lending strategies.

DUBLIN, 04 May 2018: Prestige Funds, a leading manager focused on the private lending market in the UK, is pleased to announce the listing of eight share classes for its Commercial Finance Opportunities Fund. The share classes include hedged EUR, USD, CHF as well as GBP based share classes operating with no performance fee and typically without leverage.

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26Jul 17

How video technology can support your investor relations

Video has yet to make the impact it deserves in the investor relations process. This is partly due to a lack of the right technical infrastructure, but the success of YouTube and other platforms in the marketing and education process cannot be ignored. Already we are beginning to see video-based solutions that are making their mark in the IR sphere.

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18Jul 17

Fund governance – the role of the independent fund director

Following on from our previous bulletin in this series, we look at the role of the independent fund director. Increasing emphasis on the presence of fully independent directors on the boards of investment funds by the UK Financial Conduct Authority and the US Securities and Exchanges Commission means that investment managers must pay more attention to who is appointed to the boards of their funds. This is a sentiment shared by investors, who are also starting to ask that more independent directors sit on fund boards.

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30May 17

Hawksmoor Partners establishes Estonia presence to manage start up deal flow

Increasing international interest in the Baltic tech story prompts need for local relationship management.

Tallinn, 30 May 2017: Hawksmoor Partners, the London-based specialist in structuring and project management solutions for asset managers and fast-growing companies, has established its first overseas presence in Estonia to work with new clients in the technology sector in the Baltic region and Finland.

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15Mar 17

Fund governance – a new series from Hawksmoor

Welcome to the first in our series of bulletins on fund governance and the role of fund boards. Over the next few months we will be posting about fund governance and the role played by independent fund directors on the boards of funds.

For alternative asset managers, the pressure to provide better governance has never been more intense. Governance has crept into operational due diligence processes – prospective investors are spending more time and energy scrutinising fund boards and directors. The Madoff fraud and the Weavering case have both been important watersheds in the ongoing development of better governance procedures for fund boards.

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03Aug 16

Malta’s new structure for alternative fund managers

As the dust settles from the Brexit referendum, fund managers will be continuing to review their distribution options should the UK leave the EU on unfavourable terms. In particular, they will be keen to maintain the opportunity for funds to be acceptable to investors inside the European Union.

Although a great deal of uncertainty continues to cloak the eventual outcome for managers, it is worth exploring the options currently open to those seeking to launch funds in European jurisdictions that will stay in Europe.

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