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Informed communications for the financial services industry

Effective communications are of vital importance to building a successful financial business and to maintaining stakeholder trust during periods of crisis. In an increasingly complex digital environment, you want to be sure that you have communications advisers who understand your product and your target market.

Hawksmoor Partners works closely with our clients to evaluate their needs and can tailor our services to your specific requirements. We can deliver a number of valuable marketing communications solutions to clients that can be an asset in the successful presentation of your business, leading to closer engagement with current and potential clients.

We manage a proprietary database of journalists, editors and bloggers that are considered thought leaders in the alternative investments industry.


A full media relations package, priced according to your requirements. We have strong relationships within the business media community, and can manage media campaigns, press liaison and placed editorial. With former print and digital journalists on our team, Hawksmoor is well-positioned to maximise the value of our media campaigns for clients.


Comprehensive digital media support for firms who lack the internal resources to support the ongoing requirements of professional web marketing. We regularly advise on the use of websites, LinkedIn, Twitter and other forms of social media, and how to manage reputational risks online.


Development of research projects to test the market or simply provide the data and feedback to inform industry white papers. Sourcing of interviews, ongoing desk research, face to face interviews, and final writing and analysis of findings. We have worked in both the commercial and government sectors.


Hawksmoor Partners advise on the best way to manage bad publicity in the digital era, including both media engagement and tackling the wider issues of negative reportage online, particularly outside the world of professional media. We continue to evolve effective strategies for clients who need to cope with bad news that can impact corporate and…


Regular reporting to investors can become burdensome for some firms, particularly with small teams. With our additional internal legal and operational resources, Hawksmoor Partners can deliver best practice reporting for fund vehicles and other investment structures where regular reporting is either required or valued by your clients.


Our writing team is vested with considerable knowledge of the financial and wider business world, hence our copy writing is focused and informed, without the errors that can frequently creep in if the writer is grappling with unfamiliar topics. We can also create copy that complies with a firm’s SEO marketing objectives, or regulatory restrictions.


Hawksmoor’s founding partners have lengthy experience in dealing with investors of all types and can work with clients to either generate brand new presentations or review and advise on existing presentations. While Hawksmoor does not raise capital for clients, we understand the process and can help with the creation of materials to optimise the capital…


Blogs are an increasingly important tool for prospective client engagement, but frequently they become neglected after only a few posts. We ensure that there is a regular flow of educational and insightful content on your websites, and that your blogs contribute successfully to your overall digital marketing objectives


Production of video scripts that will effectively represent your business and will stay loyal to your wider marketing strategy and brand values. We can also advise on the use of third party video production firms, project manage them where needed, and provide guidance on how to make use of third party sites like YouTube.


Help with the marketing and support of industry events, including finding speakers, developing the content, and advising on presentations. In addition, we work with our clients on smaller events, like round tables designed to road test or show case services to a more focused audience.


Project management of the launch of websites, advising on everything from design through to content and back end meta-data. Our team has been working on web-based market projects for over 15 years with the associated insight and experience that brings with it. We can help to ensure websites mesh with your sales and marketing objectives.


Email stuart(at) for advice on your communications and digital strategy.

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